Nykol Pishak

Administrative Assistant

Four Points Financial Solutions Inc. / Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Tel: 204.235.0004.6
Toll Free: 866.235.0004.6

Nykol’s post-secondary education started when she attended Booth University College. She was taught organization and developed a love for learning, reading and putting practical skills to good use in the real world.

Following her love for design and art, she enrolled in a graphic design program at CDI College. For 6 months she learned all there was to know about graphic design, photography and Photoshop. This skill proved useful when her mother opened a small cookery at her local community center arena.

Nykol worked as a cashier and the official graphic designer for the business. She unleashed her creative side in monthly specialty burgers, and menu items.

In 2015 Nykol decided to enroll in the administrative assistant program at Robertson College, and shortly after completing the course she joined the team at Four Points Financial Solutions. Nykol enjoys filing, preparing administrative forms and keeping client files organized and up to date. An organized office is a happy office.

When asked what drives her in life Nykol’s response was “I was born on a Saturday, Saturday’s child has to work for a living, I’ve always found that that fits me very well. I don’t really know what I would do if I didn’t work hard.”

Nykol is an administrative assistant at Four Points Financial Solutions and uses her diverse skills, resourcefulness and ambition in all aspects of her life.