wealth stages

Each stage of your life brings different challenges, priorities, risks and goals:

Creating Wealth

Your wealth is primarily based on the knowledge, skills and abilities that you bring to the workplace.  Your most valuable asset is your ability to earn an income.  You have debt and need a plan to convert your human resources into financial assets.  You need to insure your health.

Protecting Wealth

You have been successful in managing debt and accumulating financial assets.  You still want to grow your financial assets, but you are concerned about protecting what you already have.  You need to diversify and manage risk.

Enjoying Wealth

You are transitioning from accumulating financial assets to using them to provide income.  You want to ensure that your income lasts a lifetime.  You need a retirement income plan.

Sharing Wealth

You know that you will be alright and are thinking about the legacy you want to leave your family and community.  You are concerned about the shrinkage on your estate from taxes and estate settlement costs.  You need an estate plan.