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The Big
Picture Approach.

Imagine   Explore   Understand   Reflect

Arrive with ConfidenceTM

Helping you arrive with confidence is a comprehensive process.  It is a holistic, big-picture approach that differentiates us from other advisors who may focus on only one aspect of your finances.

It’s important for you to have an idea of what you can reasonably expect.  The following steps describe our process.  However, since each client has different needs, we may make modifications to each step to adapt to your needs and preferences.  It is always a good idea to reflect on your journey when a major life event occurs, or you meet a previously defined goal.  Your needs define your plan – not vice versa!

Imagine Your Destination

Clarify your goals and objectives

  • Obtain information about your financial resources and obligations
  • Define your personal and financial goals, needs and priorities
  • Investigate your values, preferences, financial outlook and desired results
  • Gather all the necessary documents required to give you the advice you need
  • Determine our role and the services to be provided
  • Clarify our mutual responsibilities 
  • Discuss the scope of the client/advisor engagement and the compensation model to be used
  • Agree on how decisions will be made

Explore the Possibilities

Analyze - strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats

  • Analyze your current situation (income/expenses, assets/liabilities, tax structure, and insurance/investment portfolios).
  • Identify any problem areas or opportunities with respect to your: 
    • Cash flow management
    • Capital needs
    • Risk management needs and coverage
    • Investments
    • Taxation
    • Retirement planning
    • Employee benefits
    • Estate planning
    • Special needs (adult dependent needs, education needs, etc.)

Understand Your Course

Coordinate the implementation of your chosen action plan

  • Review alternatives tailored to meet your goals and objectives, values, and risk tolerance to select an appropriate plan of action
  • Assist you in implementing the recommendations you choose to accept
  • Coordinate as required with your other tax, legal and financial advisors
  • Establish an appropriate review cycle
  • Work together to ensure that the plan meets your goals and objectives

Reflect on Your Journey

Assess, review and update as appropriate

  • Periodically review the progress of the plan and make adjustments to the recommendations required to help you achieve your goals.  This review includes: 
    • A review of your life circumstances and adjustment recommendations as needed to adapt to life changes such as births/deaths, graduations, marriages/divorces, career changes, retirement, etc.
    • Reviewing your insurance and investment portfolios to ensure product and asset allocation is appropriate for your changing circumstances
    • A review and evaluation of the impact of changing tax laws and economic trends
  • Agree on process to monitor and evaluate whether your plan is helping you progress toward your goals.