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Corporate, Business &
Employee Services

Corporate, Business & Employee Services

Employee Benefits Consulting

Designing and servicing your group insurance and pension plans in the most cost effective manner for the benefit of employers and employees.

  • Group Insurance
  • Group Retirement Solutions

Business Insurance Planning

Recommending security and incentive plans to protect you and your business.

Business & Corporate Priorities

Just Starting Up

New business owners typically are focused on survival and getting through the first critical years. Usually little thought is given to their personal financial plan – all their energy goes into the business. They often operate without a safety net, putting their lifestyle and savings at risk should they become ill or disabled. Since their personal savings may be at risk should their company fail, we help owners starting up a business to:

  • Manage costs effectively
  • Get the lowest rates on loans
  • Protect self and loved ones

Up and Running

Once a business moves into the growth phase, there are often more opportunities than time, people and resources. We work with owners of growing companies to help them:

  • Attract and retain employees
  • Manage cash flow
  • Explore tax effective strategies
  • Ensure business continuation should the owner or a key employee die or become disabled

Mature Business

This is the time when the business is generating the most cash. It is also often the time when business owners realize they have outgrown the strategies that worked for them in the earlier stages of their business. At this stage, we assist business owners looking for strategies to:

  • Minimize the tax implications of withdrawing retained earnings from the company
  • Build personal wealth and plan for a rewarding retirement
  • Protect assets from creditors
  • Sell the company or pass it on to the next generation in a tax efficient manner