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Client Testimonials

Here is what our client have to say...

We are pleased to have this opportunity to provide this letter of recommendation for the benefit of potential clients of Thomas B. Russell.  We started our financial retirement planning with Tom Russell 12 years ago and, with our trust in Tom’s knowledge and guidance, we worked on an insurance and investment portfolio to suit our needs, including our ability to save now and our projected needs for the future.
 My wife, Brenda, and I continue to follow our investment plan with Tom and look confidently forward to a comfortable retirement from our jobs at Bethania Mennonite Personal Care home and the City of Winnipeg, respectively.
 We highly recommend and depend on the services of Tom Russell.

— W. Hobart S. (Clients of Thomas B. Russell)

Linda and I would like to thank you for all of your help and time involved in preparation for my retirement. Your professional explanations of the various investments and procedures made me realize that I should have used your investment services prior to retirement as this would have made it less stressful. I wasn't sure if early retirement was at all possible but, you showed us how, and so far things are working out well.

— Michael M. (Client of Thomas B. Russell)

As a fellow business owner I know you are well aware of ‘those’ clients that need our extra attention, ‘those’ clients that are lost and looking for someone to impart their subject matter expertise, ‘those‘ clients who take up more time than we like but…with whom we will hopefully amortize our efforts over a long relationship.  I am ‘that’ client for Tom! It is also my hope that you find it equally rewarding to know that your assistance was helpful, that your hard work did not go unnoticed and that the time investment did pay off as the result was closed business. Tom Russell was patient and understanding. He was open to questions that I wasn't made to feel inadequate for asking. I was embarrassed for not knowing what my portfolio contained (I use past tense because Tom has provided the much needed explanation).  I have recommended Tom to clients and friends and they reiterate the same thing!  He is professional, enlightening, patient and very knowledgeable!  I believe that Tom handles my affairs as he would his own and that’s what I want in my corner. I was very taken with the comments of his BNI guest: “I told my wife if something happens to me call Tom Russell, he will handle everything”.

— Danielle S. (Client of Thomas B. Russell)

If you’re looking for a very caring and knowledgeable Financial Planner in Manitoba I would highly recommend you speak with Shawn. Over the years I’ve had many dealings with him and always found him to be professional in all aspects of his profession.

— Jaason M. (Client of Shawn R. Bjornsson)
 June 22, 2012 

I am extremely happy with Shawn and love the fact that both he and his staff go completely out of their way to treat me like family. Not a chance I’ll be changing my advisor. I am happy with his guidance and his staff always is supportive and positive.

— Stacey E. (Client of Shawn R. Bjornsson)
 November 2, 2012