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A Voyage Across the Ocean

Imagine your life’s journey is a voyage across the ocean, 

your goals are the various ports of call and 

your financial plan is a sail boat.

The Hull & Keel

The hull is like your savings, your fixed deposit and other fixed income instruments.  A sizeable hull & keel provides stability.  However, too much hull or keel will get you nowhere when sailing against the waves of inflation.

The Sail

The sail is like your market based investments, real estate, business ventures, bonds etc.  A sail helps you to cruise through the waves of inflation, and speed up your financial journey.  However, an over-sized sail can take you off course and may capsize your boat during stormy economic weather. 

The Life Preserver

The life preserver is like your insurance portfolio.  It keeps you afloat if you fall off the boat.  However, an over-sized life jacket or too big a life boat interferes with your enjoyment when the sailing is clear.

The Rudder

The rudder represents your values and priorities.  It steers the boat and requires periodic assessment to ensure that adjustments are being made to compensate for the changing strength and direction of the wind and the trim of the sails. If ignored for too long you will have a tough time getting back on track. 

Custom Designed

World class sailing vessels are custom designed based on a deep understanding of the purpose for which the ship is to be used and constructed by experienced shipbuilders.  The best financial plans are custom tailored by advisors who take the time to understand each client’s objectives, and have experience assembling all of the elements.

In order to achieve your objectives, you need an advisor who works for you, not a financial institution - someone who is properly licensed to provide the banking, insurance and investment services you need to ensure a properly balanced plan.

Your unique needs and personal preferences will determine the process we use, and the way we are paid to help you build your plan to create, protect, enjoy and share wealth.

In every variation of our process, we are committed to putting your needs first and providing you with full disclosure, sound advice and professional service.

To begin your journey contact us today.