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Our Services
& Solutions

Balanced Investment Planning

Matching your objectives with an appropriate investment strategy. Balancing growth and security to minimize taxes and maximize your wealth.

Your financial priorities are: protecting your income, paying off credit card debt and/or student loans, paying for a home, establishing an emergency fund, saving for material purchases, saving for your children’s education and saving for retirement.

Our Investment Products

Open Investments

  • Investment Savings Accounts
  • Redeemable Term Deposits (GIC)
  • Non-Redeemable GIC
  • Laddered GIC
  • Escalating GIC
  • Segregated Funds
  • Mutual Funds *
  • Labour Sponsored Investment Funds *
  • Socially Responsible Investment Funds *
  • Annuities

Registered Investments

  • Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP): 
  • Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA) 
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) 
  • Group Retirement Savings Plans (GRSP)
  • Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP)
  • Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
  • Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF) 
  • Registered Pension Plans (RPP)
  • Locked-In Retirement Account (LIRA): 
  • Life Income Funds (LIF) 
  • Annuities