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My Dedication to My Community

As your Financial Advisor, I know I have a strong role to play in building strong communities and improving quality of life for everyone.  We focus our community investments and programs to contribute to positive and tangible changes. I'm very proud of my Icelandic ancestry and also proud to live in the best country in the world.

We want to create positive economic, social and environmental impacts in our  community. Our culture and heritage contribute much to our quality of life. They enrich our communities and benefit our economy.

Lögberg-Heimskringla is a community newspaper serving the Icelandic community in North America. A former weekly, it is currently published twice per month in Winnipeg, Canada. The newspaper was created in 1959 by the amalgamation of two newspapers, the Heimskringla and the Lögberg, which had been in publication in North America since the 1880s

It is the mission of the Icelandic Canadian Frón to promote and to preserve a healthy, vibrant Icelandic culture and heritage within Canadian society

Values In the Icelandic Canadian Frón, we value:
  • The diversity and the uniqueness of all members of the Canadian community.
  • A shared common purpose that inspires and strengthens our commitment, responsibility and accountability to each other and to our community.
  • Our ties to Iceland and to our Icelandic heritage.
  • Our ties to the Scandinavian community in Winnipeg and our commitment to the Scandinavian Centre.
  • Vision, innovation, enthusiasm and involvement.

The Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society was first formed as the Gimli Chapter of the Icelandic National League on November 22, 1943.  In September 2007 the club changed its name to the Gimli Icelandic Canadian Society (GICS).

The GICS is full member organization within the Icelandic National League of North America and participates in its numerous activities such as the   International Visits program and the INL calendar sales.  GICS participates in events with other local groups to display and interpret the Icelandic heritage and to showcase the unique story of New Iceland within the history of Canada.